ArrowTime’s services are carefully customized to meet each client’s individual needs, keeping both the unique project and industry in mind.

Using CPM scheduling and documentation-control systems, our consultants aid every client in:

Establishing a clear understanding of a project’s scope

Improving tracking change orders or contract changes

Enhancing documentation

Lowering costs

Meeting completion milestones

Reducing risk through early intervention

ArrowTime Services Overview

Proposal Schedule Creation

Overview of schedules, giving Managers and Owners insight into the critical components involved in completing projects and RFPs

Contract Time Determination

Feasibility schedule analysis, providing Owners with the tools for establishing contractual milestones and assessing risk

Baseline Schedule Creation

Complete, in-depth construction schedules with milestones, pre-construction activities, procurement, and all activities necessary to cover the scope of an entire project

Graphical Key Plans

Visual descriptions of all areas of work on a project, helping the project team visualize the job and avoid costly communication errors

Owner Review

Schedule reviews to ensure that the contractor is following requirements and meeting milestones, administer statistical checks to make sure the schedule is technically accurate, and generate high-level summary schedules and narratives

Schedule Updating

With the project team information, ArrowTime assists in monitoring the progress of a project. Team members understand the intricacies of a project’s schedule, avoid delays, recognize time-saving measures, and see an up-to-date map of future activities

Impact/Delay Analysis

If a project falls behind contract milestones, ArrowTime performs an analysis to see how to mitigate damages, identifying the responsible party and evaluating methods to reduce impact

Cost-Loaded Schedules

ArrowTime assigns costs to scheduled activities, assisting with budgeting and expediting payments due to contractors

Resource-Loaded Schedules

ArrowTime assigns resource constraints on particular activities to avoid unworkable labor, material, or equipment requirements, leveling resource usage

Critical Path Management and Reporting

ArrowTime focuses on advising clients on how to prevent delays using the CPM reporting methods to identify issues early on

Development of Special Reports & Graphics

At ArrowTime, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what a project team needs to have a successful project. Using earned-valued charts, manpower usage, high and detail-level progress reporting, ArrowTime delivers excellence

Site Visits

ArrowTime consultants are always willing and encouraged to visit project sites to discuss critical issues with the project team